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Are you ready to learn Spanish?

It’s never too late to learn another language, and there are so many fun ways to  do it! Love cooking, start with the foods! Love dance, start with music. The coolest thing about culture is that we al love and appreciate the same things. Family, friends, food and fun! 

I started learning Spanish for fun, but continued for the opportunities it presented me; a Masters’ Degree, a study abroad in Costa Rica, traveling to nine Spanish speaking countries, and my current job as a teacher. All because I was passionate about the language.

What’s your passion? Ready to dive into a course? Lake Tahoe Community College (LTCC) offers a wide variety of affordable online options. Classes are anywhere from 4-12 weeks long, and cover tons of practical grammar, relevant vocabulary, and culture too. Guaranteed to occupy more than 15 hours a week! More information can be found here

As an alternative, LTCC offers the Intensive Spanish Summer Institute (ISSI). It’s a week long celebration of language, food, and fun, with dynamic teachers from Spanish-speaking cultures around the world. You can even earn college credits! Join a diverse group of learners in paradise: ISSI.I

Learning in an immersion setting is the most proven method for quick language acquisition, and its fun! Colombia is a wonderful place to start your bilingual adventure, and we would love to help you plan it!

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