I'm passionate about sharing my bilingual journey!

Here is what you should know about the members of my team:

Jessica Gerland

Jessica is a proud bilingual California girl with a lifelong passion for travel and Latin culture. She’s a teacher, a marketer, an entrepreneur and a lifelong learner. Her goal is to help people become bilingual through shared cultural experiences. When not teaching Spanish online for Lake Tahoe Community College, she’s dedicated to managing this blog, making videos, and traveling the Americas.

Contact Jessica for free travel and Spanish tips.


Andres Aguilera

(El Loco Maker) The bilingual visionary behind this website, Andres, is a professional artist, passionate teacher, and talented designer. Andres was born and raised in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, but had the opportunity to travel the world as a Martial Arts referee. His skills include anything artistic: figure sculpting, video editing, web & graphic design, business branding, photography and drones. 

Contact Andres for art classes or your next digital project.


Alex Arciniega

Alex moved to Colombia to learn Spanish. It didn’t take much convincing to lure her to Cali, where our passions for art, teaching, and healthy eating made us great friends. Being from Reno-Tahoe, we have an affinity for natural beauty and living an active lifestyle, and we love to party.

Contact Alex for a commissioned art piece, a Paint & Sip event, or to show you around Cali. 


Erin Donaldson

Erin is also from the  Reno-Tahoe area and has been a professional writer since moving to Colombia in 2012. Based in Manizales, Caldas, she aspires to create love and appreciation for local brands, products, and entrepreneurial projects in the Coffee Axis. Her passions are writing and dancing Tango, and she offers top-notch bilingual expat services.

Contact Erin at Coffee Axis Travel for an insider view of what expat life is all about.