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"My dream is to help people travel Latin America, learn Spanish, and have fun at the same time."

Travel Expert and Spanish Teacher

Hi! I’m Jessica! Hola! Soy la Jessica! 

I’m a California girl living in Colombia, and I love speaking Spanish! I believe everyone can be bilingual, and I can help make that a reality. Wanna know how?

Learning a new language opens doors you never knew existed! 

My trip to Mexico as a teenager changed my life. It’s when my love affair with the Spanish language and Latin America, began. Every day I learn more benefits of being bilingual, but spending the past four years traveling South America definitely takes the cake!

Colombia is a surprisingly peaceful country!

The warmth of the people is what drew me in, and two weeks after moving to Cartagena, I met my fiance Andres. Sparks flew when our soul-sister Alex came to our city and with our Canadian friends we started the Cali Collaborative. Later, we met another creative Reno homie in Manizales. We enjoy sharing our experiences with others. Let us show you the place we all fell in love with.

The only real risk is wanting to stay! Be brave!

After two years of living in Colombia, I thought I knew a lot about the country of Magical Realism: outstanding people, coffee, emeralds, Andes Mountains, Caribbean Coast, Pacific Coast, and the Amazon. Literally there is astounding natural beauty everywhere you look. Countless folkloric traditions are celebrated in this diverse country made up of some 87 ethnic groups. In 2019 I partnered up with Magical Colombia as a Travel Designer and learned just how much Colombia really has to offer. I’m ecstatic to continue to bring you authentic travel experiences and unforgettable adventures.


What visitors are saying...

" Visiting and traveling around Colombia with Jessica was simply amazing. My trip was a culinary experience as much as it was a cultural and physical one. From mountain biking in the extreme mountains of Salento to walking the colorful streets Medellín and Guatapé to eating and dancing on every street corner in Cali, I could not have imagined a better vacation. My only regret is that I could not stay longer! "

Molly Novasel - South Lake Tahoe

" I’ve been traveling to Colombia off and on for the last 12 years but I have not felt the real, authentic Colombia until visiting with Jess. From shopping and tasting exotic South American fruits in the Markets of Cali to horseback riding in the Valle de Cocora, Jess was the perfect host. She has a unique understanding of Colombian culture and a special way of bonding visitors to the local people, leaving both the visitor and Colombian with a new and long lasting bond of community and friendship. I highly recommend contacting Jess and utilizing her services for your next Colombian adventure! "

Ben Arrona - San Luis Obispo, California